Human Resource Management: A Problem-Solving Approach Linked to ISLLC Standards

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November 2006



This book provides a non-traditional approach to teaching and learning the basics of human resource management through a series of 125 in-basket exercises and guided questions. These exercises focus on real-life problems and issues that confront school administrators on a daily basis. A brief history of assessment centers and a synopsis of recognized adult learning theories are also included. This Revised Edition offers: in-basket exercises that are linked, in varying degrees, to the ISLLC Standards; updated 'Suggested Readings'; six new in-basket exercises; and an expanded list of web sites.


Part 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Purpose of the Publication Chapter 3 Concept and Evolution of Assessment Centers Chapter 4 The In-Basket Exercise Chapter 5 The Adult Learner Part 6 Using this Publication Chapter 7 Suggestions for the Instructor Using This Publication Chapter 8 How to Use the In-Basket Exercises Chapter 9 Staff Development at the District Level Chapter 10 Evaluating (Scoring) responses to the In-Basket Exercises Chapter 11 Linking the In-Basket Exercises to ISLLC Standards Part 12 The Setting Chapter 13 Issues Chapter 14 Selected Demographics Part 15 In-Basket Exercises Chapter 16 Suggestions to the Student Chapter 17 Category 1: Recruitment Chapter 18 Category 2: Legal/Policy Chapter 19 Category 3: Selection/Credentials Chapter 20 Category 4: Employee Relations/Public Relations/Counseling Chapter 21 Category 5: Evaluation Chapter 22 Category 6: Contract Administration Chapter 23 Category 7: Collective Bargaining Chapter 24 Category 8: Data Analysis/Budgeting Chapter 25 Category 9: Investigations Chapter 26 Category 10: Discipline Chapter 27 Category 11: Planning (Staff)/Problem Solving Chapter 28 Category 12: Grievance (Processing)/Arbitration Part 29 Appendix A: ISLLC Standards for School Leaders Part 30 Appendix B: Selected Contract Language from the Agreement between the Board of Education of the Melita Public Schools and the Melita Education Association Part 31 Appendix C: Selected Contract Language from the Agreement between the Board of Education of the Melita Public Schools and the Melita Support Staff Association


Jerry R. Baker has had a career in education spanning more than four decades. He has served as a teacher, counselor, director of research and evaluaiton, and superintendent for human resources. He is a professor of educational leadership at Saginaw Valley State University in University Center, Michigan. Madeleine S. Doran has served as a teacher; systems analyst; consultant; assistant director, and director of personnel; and school board labor negotiator. She is an associate professor in Barry University's graduate human resource development program in Miami Shores, Florida.


What a wonderful tool for professional development or candidate screening. After serving 15 years as an urban school superintendent, I can attest this publication contains realistic examples that school administrators may face on any given work day. -- Richard J. Halik, Ph.D., superintendent emeritus, Lansing, Michigan Public Schools Human Resource Management will be a valuable addition to our training materials. This manual will also provide our trainers with an excellent support mechanism to enhance our ability to access and strengthen leadership capabilities. -- Bobbie D'Alessandro, former superintendent, Cambridge, Massachusetts Public Schools I highly recommend the Baker and Doran test to those interested in a hands-on problem solving approach to teaching human resource management in education. This text is filled with over 100 real-life in-basket problems that will give students an authentic sense of the personnel problems and issues in schools. -- Wayne K. Hoy, Fawcett Professor of educational administration, The Ohio State University
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