The Delta of Technology: A New Metric for Analyzing R and D

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This book is for company executives, security analysts and investors in technology companies who want to separate the best companies from the rest by an earnings driven, yet simple analysis. You only have to know how to add and subtract, multiply and divide three numbers. If you think that you don't need this, then answer the following questions by talking with your CFO for the next five minutes. - Do you have a single benchmarking tool for measuring the impact of R and D earnings for your company? - Can you measure the risk to Earnings by under or over investing in R and D? Understand the critical interaction between R and D and Capital expenditures. See how other great business enterprises stack up against yours in clear graphical expositions. The power of the Delta Model The Delta model employs a unique but simple arithmetic computation using three numbers carried around in every executive's head, namely Sales, Earnings, and R and D investment. The analysis can be done, in minutes, to provide an overall assessment of a company's performance in deploying R and D assets. If you are an investor or security analyst searching for high quality technology companies, but want to keep your risk down, use the Delta Model to select large capital companies with proven earnings that successfully deploy R and D. See the power of this approach over time to create value in the stock market. Understand why huge R and D spending doesn't necessarily translate into profits and stock growth.

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