Oddball Minnesota: A Guide to Some Really Strange Places

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April 2003



Land of the world's largest prairie chicken, birthplace of SPAM(, and home of the world's oldest rock, this is Minnesota, where summers are short, winters are long, and back-road wonders abound. For travelers who are in search of the unusual, there is no better reason to hit the road to Minnesota, where weirdness awaits. 60 photos. 4 maps.


Preface; Introduction: Ride the High Country or "They Went Thataway"; Cowboy Codes: Straight & Pure & All Boy; When We were Young: Nostalgia & the Cowboy Hero; Arms & the Man: The Friendly Gun; Give Me My Boots & Saddles: Camp Cowboy; Tall in the Saddle: Romance on the Range; White Hats & White Heroes: Who Is That Other Guy?; Virgin Land: Landscape, Nature, & Masculinity; Corporate Cowboys & the Shaping of a Nation; Postscript - The Frontiersman (1938); List of Films Mentioned; References; Index.


Jerome Pohlen is the author of the Oddball series and a regular travel commentator for 848 on WBEZ, the Chicago affiliate of National Public Radio. He is a recent recipient of the Illinois Associated Press Broadcasters Award for Best Essay. He lives in Chicago.


"Jerome Pohlen keeps finding amusing and offbeat spots all around the country." -- Associated Press, June 1, 2003. "Shows a different side of Minnesota." -- NWA World Traveller, June 2003. "Some of the stranger and less-probable visitor attractions around the United States." -- Arkansas Democrat, June 2003. "Amusing and offbeat." -- The Chippewa Herald. "Jerome Pohlen keeps finding amusing and off-beat spots all around the country." -- Red Wing Republican Eagle. "Very practical if you're traveling to the North Country, and very funny even if you're not." -- The Orange County Register.
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