Oddball Florida

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November 2003



This next installment in the Oddball travel series by Pohlen provides detailson the strangest attractions for visitors to the Sunshine State.


Preface; Introduction: Ride the High Country or "They Went Thataway"; Cowboy Codes: Straight & Pure & All Boy; When We were Young: Nostalgia & the Cowboy Hero; Arms & the Man: The Friendly Gun; Give Me My Boots & Saddles: Camp Cowboy; Tall in the Saddle: Romance on the Range; White Hats & White Heroes: Who Is That Other Guy?; Virgin Land: Landscape, Nature, & Masculinity; Corporate Cowboys & the Shaping of a Nation; Postscript - The Frontiersman (1938); List of Films Mentioned; References; Index.


Jerome Pohlen is the author of the Oddball series and a regular travel commentator for 848 on WBEZ, the Chicago affiliate of National Public Radio. He is a recent recipient of the Illinois Associated Press Broadcasters Award for Best Essay. He lives in Chicago.


"Pohlen's witty descriptions and love of the bizarre make every site seem worth visting." -- Daily News. "A must-read ... Pohlen's irreverent observations will have you chuckling, even if you never plan to leave your house." -- The Times - Picayune. "Filled with photos, humor and fresh facts." -- Florida Monthly. "Snarky good humor." -- The News-Press. "Witty descriptions and love of the bizarre make every site seem worth visiting." -- New York Daily News. "A travel guide with a twist, providing plenty of opportunities to revel in the strangeness on public display." -- The Bloomsbury Review on Oddball Indiana "This is not your parents' travel book, but in the new millennium, all travel guides will be written like this." --Chuck Shepard, author of the column "News of the Weird," on Oddball Illinois "One irresistible guidebook." -- Chicago Tribune on Oddball Illinois
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