Go Do!: For People Who Have Always Wanted to Start a Business

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A refreshingly simple, easy-to-read guide to getting started in business If you've ever dreamed of starting your own business, this book will give you the information, inspiration, and reassurance you need to get started. It encourages budding entrepreneurs to take the leap into the dark, while shining a bright light on the first six months of a successful start-up. It breaks down what appears to be an Everest-size challenge into a series of small hills for you to conquer. Written by successful entrepreneur Jeremy Harbour, Go Do! argues that the skills and tactics of successful entrepreneurship can't be learnt except by doing. So this book offers the guidance and the confidence you need to just go do it.


Acknowledgements vii
Introduction 1
1. Go Me! 9
2. Risk 29
3. Go You! 41
4. The Worst Five Excuses 57
5. The Invention Myth 83
6. Taking Responsibility 97
7. The Four Stages of Enterprise 107
8. Planning 119
9. Marketing 137
10. A Compelling Offer 157
11. Go Do! 171
About the Author 199
What People Have Been Saying About The Harbour Club Light 201
Index 203


'An easy-to-read guide in starting a business from an entrepreneur who's done it all.' (Entrepreneur Country, May 2012)
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