The Complete Probate Kit

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April 1991



The first step-by-step guide to cover the entire probate process in plain everyday language. The Complete Probate Kit Over 5,000 estates enter the probate process every day in the United States— a process which you most probably will be involved in at least once in your lifetime. Each case, by law, requires either an executor or administrator to settle the estate. The Complete Probate Kit, the most comprehensive book of its kind, provides you with the basic knowledge of the probate process so that you and your beneficiaries can gain greater control of the financial fate of your estate. The Complete Probate Kit is comprehensive in scope— covering probate planning, settling an estate, probating personal property, probating real property, probating a business, taxes, and more. Along the way, you’ ll learn all the " probate language" you’ ll need to know. And the book includes sample probate forms and outlines probate requirements for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Also Jens C. Appel III and F. Bruce Gentry and available from John Wiley … The Complete Will Kit This comprehensive book gives you all the information, expert advice, detachable forms, and related documents you need to do your own will quickly, easily, accurately, and less expensively than if you used the full services of an attorney. It offers expert guidance on all aspects of estate planning— including wills, trusts, gifts, and special instructions— from the basics through in-depth considerations.


Before Probate. Opening Probate. Probate Administration. Inventory and Valuation. Before Distribution. Taxes. Distribution and Closing. Settlement Sample. Probate Planning. Index. Record Set. Document Set.
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