Adults Learning

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This unravels the myths of teaching adults, explaining how it is a rewarding and complex task.



Chapter 1.Adult learners: what you need to know
Chapter 2.The first session
Chapter 3.Giving feedback
Chapter 4.Understanding your group
Chapter 5.Facilitating
Chapter 6.Action learning
Chapter 7.Problem-based learning
Chapter 8.Coaching
Chapter 9.Role-play and simulation
Chapter 10.Delivering information: lecturing, demonstrating and blended learning
Chapter 11.Design for learning
Chapter 12.Evaluating


Jenny has been teaching adults throughout her career, starting with 18 year olds in a College of Further education who didn't really want to be there and branching out to adult education and over the last sixteen years, management development and training other executive coaches. She has an international reputation as a coach, consultant and writer on learning and leadership issues. She is widely experienced as a consultant in organisational development and works as executive coach to many directors and chief executives in leading public and private sector organisations. As well as her work as a college lecturer, Jenny has also worked as a freelance journalist, commissioning editor and for twelve years as a BBC television producer where one of her projects was the 'discovery' of Delia Smith. She also ran the BBC's management training department for three years in the early nineteen nineties. Jenny has a keen interest in psychological assessment and her books on the MBTI - Sixteen Personality Types and Influencing Others through the Sixteen Personality Types - and on the FIRO-B (co-authored with Judy Waterman) sell well on both sides of the Atlantic. She is Series Editor for the Open University Press series Coaching in Practice.
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