Double Vision: Art Histories and Colonial Histories in the Pacific

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Double Vision yields a fresh understanding of history, colonialism and culture in the Pacific.


Introduction Nicholas Thomas; Part I. Voyages: 1. Reimagining Juan Fernandez: probability, possibility and pretence in the South Seas Jonathan Lamb; 2. Images of monarchy: Kamehameha I and the art of Louis Choris Harry Liebersohn; 3. Art as ethnohistorical text: science, representation and indigenous presence in 18th and 19th century oceanic voyage Bronwen Douglas; Part II. Colonies: 4. The penitentiary as paradise Michael Rosenthal; 5. Under Saturn: melancholy and the colonial imagination Ian McLean; 6. Looking at Goldie: face to face with 'All 'e Same t'e Pakeha' Leonard Bell; Part III. Imaginings Beyond Colonialism: 7. Voices beyond the Pae Robert Jahnke; 8. The importance of birds: or, the relationship between art and anthropology reconsidered Diane Losche; Part IV. Counter-Colonial Imaginings: 9. Past present: the local art of colonial quotation Joan Kerr; 10. Australian icons: notes on perception Gordon Bennett; Afterword: clumsy Utopians Peter Brunt.


'... the reader comes away enlightened and sensitized to many of the ways in which imagination and reality have entangled in the imaging of Oceania - a laudable contribution to an important and growing field.' Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute
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