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September 1999



This study examines the problems of integrating East Germans into a political system that they did not create.


Jennifer A. Yoder is Assistant Professor of Government at Colby College in Maine.


"Much of the recent literature on post-communist 'transitions to democracy' simply ignores the East German experience, apparently assuming that reunification provided East Germans with an easy and ready-made route to democratic capitalism and that little may be learned about transitions from the German experience. Yoder rejects this simplistic notion, filling a serious gap in the transition literature and doing so with intelligence, insight, and style." -Jane Dawson, University of Oregon "An impressive and important piece of work. This book will significantly enhance the literature on the subject of postcommunist transition and facilitate the understanding of a process that is often misunderstood, especially in the very unique circumstance of the former GDR. To my knowledge there is no analogous study in the English language." Ilya Prizel, Johns Hopkins University
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