Americans and the Wars of the Twentieth Century

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Jenel Virden outlines the causes, courses and consequences of the major wars of the Twentieth century in American history, examining how the US became involved; how the wars were fought; and the domestic consequences. Applying 'just war theory', foreign policy as well as civil liberty are discussed.


Introduction.- The First World War.- The Second World War.- The Korean War.- The Vietnam War.- Conclusions.- Epilogue.- Bibliography.- Index.


Jenel Virden is Senior Lecturer, American History at the University of Hull, UK. She is the author of Goodbye-Picadilly: British War Brides in America and currently serves as Secretary General of the European Association for American Studies.


'Effectively describes the successes and failures of the United States to fight within the framework of Just War principles, both on the battlefield and the home front, in the four major wars the nation was engaged in during the Twentieth century.' - Peter Karsten, University of Pittsburgh, USA
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