Acquainted with the Night: The Shadow of Death in Contemporary Poetry

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März 2004



A study of death, via author comments, as it appears in the works of contemporary poets providing a Christian appreciation of it within a context of tradition and circumstances.


Chapter 1 Biographical Notes on the Poets Chapter 2 Introduction Chapter 3 Chapter 1. Setting the Stage: Poetry and Faith Chapter 4 Chapter 2. Death in Recent Poetry Chapter 5 Chapter 3. Blood Lines: The Laments of Geoffrey Hill Chapter 6 Chapter 4. The Taste of Death: Scott Cairns Chapter 7 Chapter 5. Childhood and Memory: Mark Jarman Chapter 8 Chapter 6. Kneeling in the Dark: R. S. Thomas Chapter 9 Chapter 7. To Know the Dark: Wendell Berry


JEFFREY JOHNSON is pastor of Peace Lutheran Church (ELCA) in Wayland, Massachusetts. Johnson studied at St. Olaf College, Yale Divinity School, and Boston University, and his poems and essays have appeared in The Christian Century, First Things, Christianity and Literature, Anglican Theological Review, Encounter, and The Mars Hill Review.
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