Ohio States: A Twentieth-Century Midwestern

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Juli 2002



More than simply a glimpse of life in the Midwest in the 1950s, Jeffrey Hammond asserts the quiet mysteries of an ordinary life with a collection of touching narratives that recall a childhood and youth with a mixture of affection and alarm.


The high places club; the pagan of East Sandusky Street; science boy; summer place; republicans and money; the time machine; the Bible tells me so; drummer man; on the pipeline; six flags over Findlay.


Jeffrey Hammond, George B. and Willma Reeves Distinguished Professor in the Liberal Arts, teaches English and American literature, biblical and classical literature, and nonfiction writing. He has published three books in his primary field of early American literature, including The American Puritan Elegy: A Literary and Cultural Study (Cambridge University Press, 2000). His creative nonfiction, which has won a Pushcart Prize and Shenandoah's Carter Prize for Essay, has appeared in Antioch Review, Missouri Review, Massachusetts Review, Southern Review, Southern Humanities Review, Virginia Quarterly Review, Sport Literate, Crab Orchard Review, ISLE, Salmagundi, River Teeth, Fourth Genre, and American Scholar.


"The relative merits of the future and the past became a running theme with my brother and me. By now I had become a reader, something he definitely was not, and had developed an interest in things like ancient history, the Bible, and old-time baseball - all of which, he observed, would get me a cup of coffee provided I also had the requisite fifteen cents. Dave often bragged that he had read only two books cover to cover: Donald Duck Sees South America and The Building of the Transcontinental Railroad. I knew that was a lie, though, because our room contained a third book, a well-thumbed copy of Isaac Asimov's I, Robot. Dave was too busy finding things out for himself to read books about made-up stories or 'history.' I knew he was right. We would all have to live in the future, and if I didn't get with it I'd get left behind." - From "Science Boy
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