Managing Electronic Reserves

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Januar 2001



In this new guide, Jeff Rosedale, along with a group of digital library experts, will get you up to speed on creating and managing a top-notch electronic reserve program in your library. Packed with practical information, Rosedale covers the gamut of issues including: -- The basics (in Q&A format) of starting up and maintaining electronic reserves-- Selection criteria for hardware, software, and vendor vs. "home-grown" decisions-- Evaluation of your system once it's up and running-- Copyright in the digital library-- The future of electronic reserves


Jeff Rosedale is Assistant Library Director at Manhattanville College in Purchase, New York. He has also served as Head of Access and Technical Support and as Systems Librarian at Columbia University. Rosedale founded the ACRL Electronic Reserves Discussion Group and self-publishes and maintains the Electronic Reserves Clearinghouse Website, which is the best-known, most current, and comprehensive source of information on this topic. He earned his master's degree in library science from Columbia University.


"Libraries and librarians have pursued electronic reserves because it is a fast, convenient, flexible, and powerful way to meet the informational needs of students and faculty." - from the Introduction
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