Making Trouble: Cultural Constructions of Crime, Deviance, and Control

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In Making Trouble leading scholars in criminology, sociology, criminal justice, womens studies, and social history explore the mediated cultural dynamics that construct images and understanding of crime, deviance, and control. Contributors examine the intertwined practices of the mass media, criminal justice agencies, political power holders, and criminal and deviant subcultures in producing and consuming contested representations of legality and illegality.


Introduction - materials for "Making Trouble", Jeff Ferrell and Neil Websdale. Part 1 Constructions of history and myth: the elders were our textbooks - the importance of traditional stories in social control, Jon'a F. Meyer and Gloria Bogdan; the historical roots of tabloid TV crime, Paul Kooistra and John Mahoney; dominant ideology and drugs in the media, Craig Reinarman and Ceres Duncan. Part 2 Constructions of gender and crime: predators - the social construction of "stranger-danger" in Washington State as a form of patriarchal ideology, Neil Wedsale; media mysogyny - demonizing "violent" girls and women, Meda Chesney-Lind; the war against women - media representations of men's violence against women in Australia, Adrian Howe; detecting masculinity, Gray Cavender. Part 3 Constructions of subculture and crime: wild life - constructions and representations of yardies, Karim Murji; punky in the middle - cultural constructions of the 1996 Montreal summer uprisings (a comedy in four acts), Lauraine Leblanc; freight train graffiti - subculture, media, dislocation, Jeff Ferrell. Part 4 Constructions of policing and control: reflections - the visual as a mode of social control, Peter Manning; police homicide files as situated media substrates, Neil Websdale. Part 5 Constructions of crime and terrorism: Jihad as terrorism - the western media and the defamation of Quran, Fida Mohammed; fighting terrorism as if women mattered - anti-abortion violence as unconstructed terrorism, Philip Jenkins. Part 6 Conclusions and prospects: taking the trouble - concluding remarks and future directions, Neil Websdale and Jeff Ferrell.
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