The Fence Bible: How to Plan, Install, and Build Fences and Gates to Meet Every Home Style and Property Need, No Matter What Size Your

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A hands-on home improvement expert provides a comprehensive how-to encyclopedia that enables homeowners to choose and build the fences and gates that are best for their landscape. Step-by-step illustrated instructions are provided for planning, building, maintaining, and repairing any style of fence.


Excellent source of information. Benke covers all the angles on fences "Sacramento Bee" This guide contains all the information you need to build the right fence for your property. "Los Angeles Daily News" the volume abounds with excellent ideas for designing and building all types of fences .. " Library Journal" "" a one-stop resource for all questions about building fences. It covers a variety of materials (e.g., wood, metal) as well as a spectrum of designs, both practical and purely aesthetic. Clear and evocative photographs abound. " Library Journal" "" " " helping you plan, install and build fences and gates to match your home style and yard, no matter what size it is. " Daily Press" "" this book will give you all the information you need " Kane County Chronicle Homestyle" "" all the options homeowners can consider for the yard or garden. " Garden Center Merchandising & Management" "" an accessible home owners guide " Landscape Architecture" ""
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