Learn to Paint Part 1: Genesis Heat Set Paints Coloring Techniques - Peaches & Cream Reborns & Doll Making Kits - Excellence in Reborn Artist

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PART 1: Peaches and Creams Complexions Learn to use Genesis Heat Set Paints to create the most beautiful Collectible & Heirloom "One of a Kind" Dolls. This art book provides the following valuable information for the beginner: Create you base skin tone from the inside with Internal "color wash" application techniques; See the Peaches and Cream Complexion techniques come alive on three of the Secrist doll kits: Zoe, Ming & Starling; A wonderful technique for your perfect baby or toddler. Also includes Facial Accents including sleepy eyes and Body Art options; sure to create a heirloom and/or collectible doll. Bring to life, your own Custom Reborn Baby; Isn't it time for A Precious Heirloom Baby of your very own? 100 Full Color Pictures for your learning enjoyment.

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