Out at Home

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Oktober 2004



Dakota Anderson was a typical thirteen-year-old boy until his father moved out. He is sure that if he becomes a baseball star, his dad will come home. The team's star player works with Dakota on his baseball skills, and also leads him into trouble . . . with the law. A thought-provoking story that combines the love of every boy's life--sports--with a topic of shattering importance--divorce.


"Readers feel Dakota's confusion and pain as he meets his dad's new girlfriend. In the following weeks, Dakota no longer see his dad as the hero he once was, and instead looks to his Heavenly Father for approval. A lesson in divine forgiveness prevails as Dakota mends relationships with his mother and big sister. Girls would relate to the book as much as boys, as it deals with the all-too-common feelings children experience during family strife."--Michael Anderson"CBA Marketplace" (10/01/2004)
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