The South: A Concise History, Volume II

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September 2001



For undergraduate courses on the history of the southern region of the United States. A narrative history, this two-volume text integrates recent scholarship on race and gender into the story of "The South." In clear, succinct prose, it surveys the sweep of southern history from Jamestown to the present, with special attention to the Old South and to the social, economic, and political changes that have created the New South of today. The text's brevity allows instructors to use it in conjunction with other reading material.


5. Reconstruction, 1862-1877. 6. The New South, 1877-1900. 7. Modern Times: The South 1900-1930. 8. The South and the Nation, 1930-1946. 9. Free at Last: The South Since World War II. 10. Epilogue: The South Since the 1960s.
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