Introduction to College Writing

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November 2000



Using a step-by-step approach, INTRODUCTION TO COLLEGE WRITING motivates students to learn about writing, challenges them to find something interesting to write about, and offers guidance as they develop ideas. It features collaborative activities, extensive coverage of the writing process, and a thorough grammar usage review. Additional features of the text include:
  • Rhetorical modes in the context of a writer's purpose, presented as strategies for real-world writing situations.
  • Two motivational chapters to show students that writing is essential to their immediate and future success.
  • An entire chapter devoted to computers and writing (Chapter 9).


Introduction to College Writing. I. GETTING STARTED AS A COLLEGE WRITER. 1. Writing in Your Life. 2. Discovering Ideas. 3. Writing by Steps. 4. Seeing Through a Writer's Eyes (Descriptive Writing). 5. Writing with a Plan and a Purpose. 6. Organizing Your Essay. 7. Drafting Your Essay. 8. Revising Your Essay. 9. Writing with Computers. II. DEVELOPING YOUR IDEAS. 10. Using Processes in Writing. 11. Using Classifications in Writing. 12. Using Comparison and Contrast in Writing. 13. Using Causes and Effects in Writing. 14. Using Narration in Writing. 15. Using Definitions in Writing. III. EDITING SKILLS. 16. Writing Effective Sentences. 17. Avoiding Sentence Errors. 18. Achieving Sentence Variety. IV. REVIEWING PUNCTUATION. 19. Using Commas Correctly. 20. Using Semicolons and Colons Correctly. 21. Using Apostrophes Correctly. V. AVOIDING COMMON ERRORS. 22. Using Verbs Correctly. 23. Choosing the Right Word. 24. Using Pronouns Correctly. Credits. Index.
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