Science in Seconds with Toys

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With this incredibly innovative book, kids simply open their toy chest to discover the wonders of science. "Science in Seconds with Toys" is a collection of dozens of fun, easy experiments that can be performed in ten minutes or less using toys from around the house. Illustrations. 128 pp. Ages 8-12. Pub: 2/98.


Reflecting, Refracting, and Glowing. Mixing, Molding, and Stretching. Rolling, Sliding, and Sticking. Balancing, Swinging, and Spinning. Throwing, Flying, and Falling. Floating, Bouncing, and Pushing. Plucking, Banging, and Blowing. Glossary. Further Reading. Index.


JEAN POTTER has been a kindergarten teacher, a state education director, and the Acting Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education for the United States. She is an award-winning author of books and educational materials for young children. Her books include Science in Seconds for Kids and Nature in a Nutshell for Kids (both published by Wiley).
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Untertitel: Over 100 Experiments You Can Do in Ten Minutes or Less. illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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