Autour de La Lettre Aux Direceurs de La Resistance

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Juli 2003



Jean Paulhan's Lettre aux directeurs de la Resistance was an important and contentious statement about the influence of communism in intellectual and literary circles. On publication in 1952, the pamphlet revived debates over collaboration with the Nazi authorities that had dominated French society since the Liberation, and that still have important echoes today. In this new edition, John Flower provides a full contextualising introduction. He also examines Paulhan's evolution during the period and assesses his postion alongside that of other key figures: in particular Mauriac and Camus. The volume makes an important contribution to our understanding of this turbulent period and provides a documentary history of the post-war political and literary debates in Paris.


Avant-propos Introduction: Un debat intellectuel 1944-52 - vengeance, compromis ou pardon? Manuscrit de la page de titre Lettre aux directeurs de la resistance, 1952, 41 Les cinq 'lettres ouvertes' aux membres du Comite national des ecrivains, 1947 Selection des principales reactions a la publication de la Lettre
1. Louis Martin-Chauffier
2. Raymond Lindon
3. Elsa Triolet
4. Roger Stephane
5. Jean Paulhan a Claude Bourdet
6. Combat
7. Jean Paulhan a Louis Martin-Chauffier
8. Louis Martin-Chauffier
9. Jean Chauveau
10. Jean Paulhan a Claude Mauriac
11. Gabriel Marcel
12. Roger Caillois
13. Jean Paulhan a Jean Chauveau ANNEXES; I. 'L'adresse aux Messieurs les Presidents des cours de justice' de Servus Juris (Michel Brille), 1948 II. (a) Petition aux deux chambres, 1816 (b) 'Lettres a Messieurs de l'Academie des inscriptions et belles-lettres'. de Paul-Louis Courier. 1819.


John Flower is Professor of French, University of Kent at Canterbury. He is General Editor of the Journal of European Studies. His many publications include Francois Mauriac-Jean Paulhan: Correspondance, 1925-1967 (Paris, 2001); Francois Mauriac: Psycholectures/Psychoreadings (University of Exeter Press, 1995); Pierre Courtade : The Making of a Party Scribe (Berg, 1995).
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