Partnership in the Primary School: Working in Collaboration

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September 1996



Working in 'partnership' in primary schools is an approach that is transforming the classrooms of the 1990s. It is now widely acknowledged that a collaborative approach can significantly improve the effectiveness of teaching. This book provides a practical, readable account of partnerships in educational settings including: * collaborating in nurseries and primary schools * reading and literacy partnerships * working with special needs assistants * supporting students in training * home-school links * liaising with an OFSTED inspector. The focus is placed on key principles of collaboration as well as specialist roles. Personal testimonies and case studies are used to illustrate the various aspects of teamwork.


Introduction Jean MillsPart I Whole School Approaches to Working Relationships 1. Nursery Partners Jean Mills Appendix 1: Parkway Nursery Day Plan Appendix 2: Parkway Nursery Record Sheet 2. Planning in Partnership in the Primary School Ann Lance and Anita Cliff Appendix 1: Staff Project Questionnaire Appendix 2: Structured Discussion Document Appendix 3: Project Cycle 3. Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs Penny Lacey Part II Partnership and the Curriculum: the School and Beyond 4. Partnerships in Reading and Literacy Maggie Moore 5. Developing Home School Literacy Partnerships in Minority Language Families Adrian Blackledge and Jamila Aljazir 6. Networking in Environmental Education Mary Comber Appendix 1: Education for Environment - School Policy Statement Appendix 2: A Whole School Approach Part III The Shock of the New: Partnerships from Outside 7. The Partners' Tale: Teachers, Tutors, Students Jean Mills Appendix 1: Providing Support Appendix 2: School Experience Competences 8. Collaborating in Assessment: the OFSTED Experience Gill Hackett
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