Gabriel Faur: A Musical Life

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Oktober 2004



Traces Faur 's life and the rich cultural milieu in which he lived and worked.


List of illustrations; Prelude; Acknowledgements; 1. Gradus ad Parnassum; 2. Scenes from provincial life; 3. Friends and lovers; 4. Faure as pianist and organist; 5. Roses for Des Esseintes: from the romance to the melodie; 6. Sotto voce: chamber music I; 7. Choral music; 8. The theatre I: operatic projects and incidental music; 9. The Verlaine years: song cycles and further operatic projects; 10. The theatre II: Promethee; 11. Works and days; 12. Pomp and circumstance; 13. Towards the twentieth century; 14. The theatre III: Penelope, Masques et Bergamasques; 15. Words and music: the van Lerberghe years; 16. The late piano works; 17. Light and shade: chamber music II; 18. Faure 'modern style'; 19. Ultima verba; 20. Inner voices; Chronology; Chronological catalogue of Faure's works; Bibliography; Index.


'J.-M. Nectoux's [book] on Faure is as much literary as theoretical and, in spite of the enormous fund of information it contains, is more reflective than didactic. It is a superb demonstration of the possibilities of creative criticism.' L'Avant-Scene Opera '... marks a new stage in the understanding and "discovery" of this body of work.' Monde de la Musique
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