The Lexis Companion: A Concise Guide to Effective Searching

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September 1995



The LEXIS® Companion is a practical guide to efficient andcost-effective searching for busy attorneys, paralegals, and others who need current andcomplete legal information. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to useLEXIS with a minimum of effort for a maximum return on your time and money.Starting with an orientation and sample research session, the book moves on tocover:

  • the basics of document retrieval, including entering and editing commands,retrieving documents by citation, and searching with terms and connectors ornatural language
  • fine-tuning your search with date restrictions and segments
  • displaying, browsing, printing, and storing the documents you've found
  • updating, verifying, and expanding your research using the array of citatorsavailable on LEXIS
  • money saving search tips and strategies, and much more.
Written in everyday English by a tried and true teacher of LEXIS classes, thisbook makes the business of serious legal research friendly--if not downrightfunny. The LEXIS Companion is an on-the-shelf essential for everyLEXIS user. You'll find the information you need and find it fast.



Jean Sinclair McKnight is an assistant professor at Southern IllinoisUniversity School of Law, where she teaches legal research classes, includingLEXIS and Westlaw instruction. She has a law degree and a master's degree inlibrary science, and is the author of Legal Research in NorthCarolina. 0201483351AB04062001
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