The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly. Film Tie-In

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The diary of Jean-Dominique Bauby who, with his left eyelid (the only surviving muscle after a massive stroke) dictated a remarkable book about his experiences locked inside his body. A masterpiece and a bestseller in France, it is now a major motion picture directed by Julian Schnabel. On 8 December 1995, Jean-Dominique Bauby suffered a massive stroke and slipped into a coma. When he regained consciousness three weeks later, the only muscle left functioning was in his left eyelid although his mind remained as active and alert as it had ever been. He spent most of 1996 writing this book, letter by letter, blinking as an alphabet was repeatedly read out to him. 'The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly' was published in France on Thursday 6th March 1997. It was immediately hailed as a masterpiece. And then, three days later, he died. 'The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly', which records Bauby's lonely existence, is probably the most remarkable book about the triumph of the human spirit, the ability to invent a life for oneself in the most appalling of circumstances, that you will ever read.It has now been made into a captivating film, directed by Julian Schnabel and starring Mathieu Amalric, which was the winner of the award for Best Director at Cannes and nominated for the Palm d'Or.


Jean-Dominique Bauby, 1952 geboren, war Journalist und zuletzt Chefredakteur von "Elle". Durch einen Gehirnschlag gelähmt, verbrachte er die letzten Monate seines Lebens in einer Spezialklinik in Berck-sur-mer, wo er auch dieses Buch diktierte. Er starb wenige Tage nach dessen Veröffentlichung in Frankreich, am 9. März 1997.


'The most remarkable memoir of our time.' Cynthia Ozick 'Read this book and fall back in love with life.' Edmund White 'A staggering piece of work. It represents an almost inconceivable act of generosity, the gift of the mind and the spirit for which writing was designed.' A. L. Kennedy 'One of the great books of the century.' Financial Times 'Everyone in the country should own at least one copy.' Guardian 'We listen, because what he has to say goes to the core of what it means to be human.' Robert McCrum, Observer 'The most extraordinary book of the year.' Daily Telegraph 'Life-enhancing and devastating in equal measure - everyone should read it.' Gloss magazine
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