A Step-By-Step Guide to C Programming

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November 1997



Appropriate for introductory undergraduate level courses in C Programming and Programming as a first or second language.
Provides a practical, comprehensive, and hands-on approach to C Programming. The approach is didactic and example-driven.


1. Background Preparation. 2. Input/Output Operations. 3. Arithmetic and Data Types. 4. Introduction to Decision Structures. 5. Decision Structures: More Complex Issues. 6. Putting it All Together. 7. Introduction to the while Loop. 8. More Complex Applications of while. 9. Other Kinds of Loops. 10. User-Defined Functions. 11. More Complex Issues about Functions. 12. Building Programs with Multiple Function Definitions. 13. Technical Details about Some Operators and Data Types. 14. One-Dimensional Arrays. 15. Why Use Arrays? 16. Accessing Arrays with Pointers. 17. Two-Dimensional Arrays. 18. Character Strings. 19. User-Defined String Functions. 20. More Complex Applications for Strings. 21. Structures and Enumerated Types. 22. User-Defined Types and Applications. Appendix A: ASCII Character Codes. Appendix B: Operator Precedence and Associativity. Appendix C: Preprocessor Directives. Appendix D: Static Variables. Appendix E: Hexadecimal Number Representation. Appendix F: The Input Mechanism. Appendix G: Some Input/Output Objects from C++. Index.
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