Using Action Research to Foster Positive Social Values

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This book provides teachers with a unique framework in which to consider classroom violence by using actual case studies and working models done through classroom research to produce more effective classrooms that foster positive social values.


Part 1 Introduction Part 2 Part I Basis for Disruptive Behavior Chapter 3 1 Formation of American Values and the Search for Identity Chapter 4 2 Families Chapter 5 3 Religion and Spirituality Chapter 6 4 Community Part 7 Part II Using Classroom Research to Foster Positive Values Chapter 8 5 What Is Action Research? Chapter 9 6 Formulating Plans to Develop Peaceful Classrooms Part 10 Part III Case Studies in Best Practices Chapter 11 7 Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation Chapter 12 8 Peer Learning, Paired Learning, and Positive Interdependence Chapter 13 9 Cooperative Groups Chapter 14 10 Parent-Child-Community Collaboration Part 15 Conclusion Part 16 Index Part 17 About the Author


Jean Benton is an associate professor of social and cultural foundations of education at Southeast Missouri State University.


Benton offers teachers tools to develop positive social skills in children and reduce violence and disruption in the classroom. Reference and Research Book News
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