Investigation of Road Traffic Fatalities

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This atlas covers the issues that face medical examiners and coroners in determining the nature and extent of road traffic fatality injuries as well as the cause, manner, and circumstances of death. It covers everything from "typical road traffic fatality injuries" to "injuries caused by safety/restraint devices" and "autopsy and toxicology testing."


PART I: ROAD TRAFFIC FATALITIES Cause, Manner, and Circumstances of Death RTF Investigation vs. RTF Reconstruction Jurisdictional and Statutory Considerations Who Usually Does What? Basic Events General Classifications of RTFs Common Questions to be Answered During RTF Investigations Injuries Caused by Safety/Restraint Devices Basic Injury Mechanisms Common but Critical Investigative Mistakes Factors that Raise Suspicion for Suicide Typical Road Traffic Fatality Injuries Artifactual Injuries Preparing to Investigate Initial Procedures at the Scene Primary Investigative Tasks Overall Goals of the Investigation The Autopsy and Toxicology Testing PART II: ATLAS


"these volumes are appropriate for the target readership of death investigators, law enforcement officers, and attorneysPhysicians-in-training, in such specialties as Pathology, Emergency Medicine, and Surgery would benefit from careful reading of these booksI anticipate that the remaining volumes in this series will prove equally useful." --Laurence R. Simson, Jr., MD, Forensic Pathologist, Journal of Forensic Sciences
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