Architecture in Texas: 1895-1945

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Januar 1993



Texas architecture of the twentieth century encompasses a wide range of building styles, from an internationally inspired modernism to the Spanish Colonial Revival that recalls Texas' earliest European heritage. This book surveys Texas architecture of the first half of the twentieth century, presenting a social history of Texas architecture.


Preface and Acknowledgments; I. The Historiography of American and Texas Architecture in the Twentieth Century; II. The Survival of Past Traditions; III. Progressive Modes of Design; IV. Academic Eclecticism: 1900-1940; V. Regional Eclecticism: 1900-1940; VI. Modernistic Modes of Design: 1928-1940; VII. Residential Design: Modes and Typologies, 1895-1940; VIII. International and Regional Modernism in the Public Sphere: 1930-1945; Notes; Bibliography; Index


"Written in an accessible style, Henry's work places Texas architecture in the wider context of American architectural history by tracing the development of building in the state from late Victorian styles, and the rise of neoclassicism, to the advent of the International Style... His work provides a welter of new facts, both about the era's buildings and the architects who designed them, and he has catalogued and described most of the important landmarks of the period."oSouthwestern Historical Quarterly "...a significant contribution to the study of Texas architecture..."oDrury Blakeley Alexander, author of Texas Homes of the Nineteenth Century
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