Night Of The Stalkers

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Februar 2007



Tucker O'Doyle decides to steal away from his castle and return home, because he is worried about a good friend; and he wants to see his family again. His family may have not been perfect, but he still loves them and misses them. He sets out with his companion, Treol ,and heads for the cave where the portal to the other world is, only to find the portal is gone. His head swims with confusion. What could have happened to the portal? To make matters worse, when Tucker returns to his castle, he finds it in ruins; and the senate is destroyed!

Move over Harry Potter, because Tucker O'Doyle is here! Tucker is more than a wizard, he's a king! He rules the lands of Zooblatia, and studies and practices the secrets of the mysterious crystals.

Will Tucker ever see his home and parents again? Will he be able to save a Kingdom headed for ruin and destruction? Follow the continuing saga of Tucker O'Doyle as you reunite with some old friends and meet some new ones.

Bellissima Publishing, LLC is proud to have acquired the Tucker O'Doyle Book Series. Look forward to a new, revised Bellissima Edition of the first book in the series, "The Uncommon Adventures of Tucker O'Doyle," coming soon.

Jason Rider, a native of Buffalo, NY has been free lance writing for nearly twelve years. He holds a State University of New York degree in Applied Science (Business Administration) with a minor in Journalism. In addition to his contributions to several leading periodicals and web-based publications, he has authored two successful novels prior to joining the Bellissima roster. Jason lives in the suburbs of Buffalo and is currently focusing his efforts on the third installment of the Tucker O'Doyle series.
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