Through the Eyes of Aliens

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September 1998



This is a positive description of how it feels to be autistic and how friends, family and professionals can be more sensitive to the needs of autistic people. Lee O'Neill perceives the imagination and keenly-felt sensory world of the autistic person as gifts. She challenges the reader to accept their difference and celebrate their uniqueness.


1. Introducing autism.
2. The autistic world.
3. Autism and sense organs.
4. Autism and emotions.
5. Communication and language.
6. Intelligence, autism and savant skills.
7. Discrimination.
8. Rhythms and self-stimulations.
9. Relationships.
10. Health and allergies.
11. Autism and teenage years.
12. Recreation.
13. Idiosyncrasies and special traits. Epilogue: for autistic people.


Jasmine Lee O'Neill, a mute autistic savant, is a poet, writer, illustrator and musician. Of British descent, she lives in Pennsylvania. This is her first book.
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