Worth Fighting 4

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At the age of eleven and a half, Martin Little wanted to be just like his parents. His father was a door-to-door salesman for a prominent African American hair care firm; his mother owns one of the hottest beauty salons in the Denver Metropolitan Area. With their blessing, they encourage Martin and his friends to sell candy to compete with the school store. Martin and his friends establish a highly successful candy distribution network that attracts the attention of Garfield and Freddie, leaders of a local gang set at their school. Garfield and Freddie see the potential to exploit Martin's business for a legitimate cover for their illegal gang activities. To make matters worse, Martin and his friends also have to contend with a growing Hispanic population that seems to be taking over the once all black neighborhood. The increasing tensions between the African Americans and the Hispanics in the community seem to be spilling over to their school, causing drama between the two sets of friends. With the threat of being forced to join one of the notorious gangs in the Denver Metropolitan Area on the horizon and the possibility of a race war of epic proportions, will Martin and his friends prove that their dreams of entrepreneurship and independence will be worth fighting for?

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