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Today, we take female police officers and workers for granted. But what is the truth behind the scenes? Author Janis Appier traces the origins of women in police work beginning in 1910, explaining how pioneer policewomen's struggles to gain footholds in big city police departments ironically helped to make modern police work one of the more male dominated occupations in the United States. 12 illustrations.


Acknowledgments Introduction: "A Man's Job": Gender and Police Work Part I: Gender, the Police, and Criminal Justice Reform 1. "All over the Country There Is a Spirit of Cleaning Up": The Female Reform Tradition and the Origins of the Movement for Women Police 2. Preventive Justice: The Campaign for Women Police Part II: Women Police in Los Angeles 3. "Just Mothers to Everybody": The City Mother's Bureau of Los Angeles, 1914-1929 4. Double Lives: Police Women of the LAPD Juvenile Bureau 5. From City Mother to "Sgt. Tits": The Death of the Crime Prevention Model Epilogue: Out for Justice: The Legacy of the Crime Control Model Notes Index


"This book stands out in many ways. [It] is very well researched, interesting to read, and would be an excellent foundation text for a course in women's history. It would also be useful as a supplemental text in a variety of women's studies, history, and sociology courses." --National Women's Studies Association Journal "Policing Women offers new information and new interpretations that will appeal to readers in many fields: courses in law enforcement, women's studies/gender, women in criminal justice/women in crime, women's history. Well written and organized, it provides a fine discussion of national issues as a background for the origins of women in policing and the crime prevention model." --Clarice Feinman, Professor Emerita, College of New Jersey
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