Elegant Soul: The Life and Music of Gene Harris

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Januar 2005



Gene harris, the "Blues Man From Boise," as the WALL STREET JOURNAL once called him, died at the start of the new millenium, but he left a legacy of music that will outlive us all. He played on more than 80 recordings and shared the stage or recording studio with such luminaries as Joe Williams, Ray Charles, Dizzy Gillespie, Ray Brown, Benny Carter, BB King, Aretha Franklin, Herb Ellis, and Nancy Wilson. A luminous figure hijself in jazz and blues, Harris was a Grammy Award-nominated pianist who performed in the world's most famous clubs and festivals. Gene's wife Janie and veteran writer Bob Evancho detail the career of this gifted entertainer in ELEGANT SOUL: THE LIFE AND MUSIC OF GENE HARRIS. Gene Harris' signature hard-swinging, soulful, blues-drenched piano style made him one of the most exciting and accessible pianists in jazz. He set a high level of musical excellence that was both inspiring and influential.


Janie Harris was born in Boise, Idaho in 1946 and attended University of Idaho. She worked in education for 11 years and met and eventually married Gene Harris after he moved to Boise in 1977. She has a grown son and two grandsons. Janie passed away in 2011. Bob Evancho also co-wrote the book POKEY: The Good Fight, the autobiography of the late Pokey Allen.
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