Hands-On Bible Explorations: 52 Fun Activities for Christian Learning

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This collection of 52 easy, fun activities and crafts-one for each week of the year-makes learning the lessons of the Bible fun for children ages 6 to 12. All of the activities and crafts can be done with easy-to-find and inexpensive materials, and the book includes ready-to-use patterns and simple step-by-step instructions in an easily reproducible large format. It includes sections on the Old Testament, New Testament, and Christian values, with specific activities covering topics such as th Ten Commandments, the Christmas story, the boy with loaves and fish, the greatest gift, friendship, and many more. Janice VanCleave (Riesel, TX) is a former teacher who has written numerous books for children. She has led Christian workshops using many of the activities in this book and is a resource for local Christian educators.


Acknowledgments. Introduction. PART I. OLD TESTAMENT. 1. The Heavens. 2. Forbidden Fruit. 3. Rainbow Covenant. 4. Abram Trusts God. 5. Rebekah. 6. Joseph's Colorful Coat. 7. Moses' Basket. 8. Moses and the Burning Bush. 9. The Ten Commandments . 10. Joshua-- the New Leader . 11. Walls of Jericho . 12. Achan and His Treasure. 13. The Giant Killer. 14. Jonathan and David. 15. Abigail's Generosity. 16. The Wisest Man. 17. God's Fire . 18. Queen Esther's Dinner Guests. 19. A Fish Tale. PART II. NEW TESTAMENT . 20. The Christmas Story. 21. Three In One. 22. Stormy Seas. 23. The Boy With Loaves and Fish. 24. The One to Turn To. 25. Jesus Heals. 26. Too Busy!. 27. Returning Home. 28. Never Give Up!. 29. Childlike Faith. 30. New Sight. 31. Up a Tree. 32. The Vine and the Branches. 33. Three Times. 34. The Rescue Plan. 35. The Easter Story. 36. The Greatest Gift. 37. The Helper. 38. Choose Your Leader. 39. Spiritual Food. 40. A Change of Direction. 41. Break Out . PART III. CHRISTIAN VALUES. 42. Who Do You Serve?. 43. God Will Provide . 44. It's Your Choice. 45. Soaring . 46. True Love. 47. Beauty Within . 48. Smiley Face . 49. Made by God. 50. Spreading Tales. 51. Friendship. 52. The Good News. Glossary. Index.


Janice VanCleave is a former teacher who has written more than forty books for children. She has led Christian workshops using many of the activities in this book and is a bountiful resource for Christian educators.

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