Explorations: Travel Geography and Destination Study

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Februar 1994



For introduction to Tourism Geography courses, this book provides complete coverage of destination geography the world over. Through hands-on exercises and critical thinking applications, students practice and apply what they learn. Students are able to practice and apply what they learn. Students are able to "participate" in the destination.


1. Where Are They Going? 2. Why Are they Going? 3. Resources. 4. Getting a Grip on Geography. 5. Geographic Basics. 6. North America. 7. Canada's Provinces and Territories. 8. Greenland and Canada Map. 9. This Land is Our Land. 10. The East, North-East and Mid-Atlantic Map. 11. The Southeast and South Central States. 12. Florida Up Close. 13. Southeast and South Central States Map. 14. The Midwest and Great Plains. 15. Midwest and Great Plains Map. 16. The West: California Up Close. 17. San Francisco Up Close. 18. Los Angeles Up Close. 19. San Diego Up Close. 20. Las Vegas At a Glance. 21. The West, Southwest, and Northwest Map. 22. The Noncontiguous States. 23. Alaska Map. 24. Hawaii (the State) Up Close. 25. Oahu At a Glance. 26. Hawaii (the Island) At a Glance. 27. Maui At a Glance. 28. Kauai At a Glance. 29. Molokai At a Glance. 30. Hawaiian Islands Map. 31. This Land is Their Land. 32. Mexico Map. 33. Island Dreams. 34. Bermuda, The Bahamas and the Caribbean Islands. 35. The Bahamas At a Glance. 36. Jamaica Up Close. 37. The U.S. Virgin Islands. 38. Caribbean and Adjacent Maps.
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