Beside the Still Waters: Creative Meditations from the Woods

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Januar 2003



Beside the Still Waters is a personal view of prayer. Janice Kolb suggests a variety of ways to be in constant contact with God. She uses these techniques regularly and has developed a prayer life that is powerful, satisfying, rewarding - and that works for her. These meditations can transform your prayer life into something entirely new - a source of personal fulfillment, power and strength. Use what works for you, discard what does not, but consider carefully what might bring you into a closer relationship with God.

Many of these prayers may be familiar; others may be new to you. Being open to all that you read, you may discover new pathways to God and loving consolation. Though written from a Christian perspective, these prayers can be adapted to conform to other traditions.

The meditations include personal sharings and poetry. Certain prayer forms may feel comfortable at once. With so many to choose from, you can try different ones for different situations and different people in need. Eventually you may use every form of prayer in the book. The book can serve as a guide, refresh your spirit, and to inspire you to pray always.

This collection of prayers and meditations will uplift your heart and soul and draw you closer to God.
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