The Art of the Middle Ages

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Mai 2002



Informative, accessible, and imaginatively illustrated, Benton's new survey offers a lively exploration of the visual arts of the Middle Ages: its stained glass, mosaics, illuminated manuscripts, mural and panel paintings, ivories, metalwork, enamels, tapestries, sculpture, and, above all, its achievements in architecture.


1. Early Christian and Byzantine Art 2. Art of the Early Middle Ages 3. Romanesque Art in Central France and Along the Pilgrimage Roads 4. Romanesque Art in Southern and Western France 5. Romanesque Art Outside France 6. Romanesque Sculpture, Decorative Arts and Manuscript Illumination 7. Early, Gothic Art in France 8. Late Gothic Art in France 9. Gothic Art Outside France 10. Gothic Sculpture, Decorative Arts, Manuscript Illumination and Painting 11. Art in Daily Life


Janetta Rebold Benton is Professor of Art History at Pace University. She is a well-known lecturer on medieval art, and has written widely on the subject. Among her previous books are The Medieval Menagerie: Animals in the Art of the Middle Ages, Holy Terrors: Gargoyles on Medieval Buildings and Arts and Culture.
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