Essentials of American Education

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November 2002



This new book offers solid coverage of the most relevant introduction to teaching and foundations topics in education today. This new book provides a broad introduction to teaching and foundations based on interesting, current discussion of important theory and practice. It offers a thorough overview of the teaching profession, standards, assessment and the historical, social and philosophical aspects of American Education. preservice and new teachers.


All chapters conclude with Summary, Discussion Questions, Journal Entries, Portfolio Development, School-Based Experiences, Web Sites, Notes, and Bibliography. I. THE PROFESSION OF TEACHING. Viewing Education Through Professional Lenses.1. Teaching as a Profession.
Education Headlines: No Crisis, But Trouble on the Way.Today's Teachers.Teaching as a Profession.Debate: Should Nationally Certified Teachers Be Paid More?Professional Dilemma: Who Is Cheating Now?Relevant Research: Making Meaning of the Portfolio.Global Perspective: Education International.Challenges Affecting Teachers.Beginning and Continuing a Teaching Career.II. SCHOOL AND SOCIETY. Viewing Education through Sociological Lenses.2. Diversity in Society.
Education Headlines: Little Newcomers in a Strange Land.Culture and Society.Diversity and Education.Socioeconomic Status.Ethnicity and Race.Relevant Research: Development of Racial and Gender Identity.Gender.Global Perspective: Poverty, Illiteracy, and School Attendance in China.Language.Professional Dilemma: Communicating with Parents of English Language Learners.Exceptionalities.Debate: Are Too Many Kids Labeled Gifted?Religion.Geography.Cultural Identity.3. Education That Is Multicultural.
Education Headlines: Internet at School Is Changing Work of Students-and Teachers.Undergirding Tenets.Global Perspectives: Antiracist and Multicultural Education.Culture of the School.Culturally Relevant Teaching.Debate: Should We Correct Students' Grammar All the Time, Every Time?Educational ChallengesRelevant Research: Boys and Girls in Performance-Based Science Classrooms.Teachers as Social Activists.Professional Dilemma: Harassment in Schools.III. GOVERNANCE AND SUPPORT OF AMERICAN EDUCATION. Viewing Education through Organizational Lenses.4. Organizing and Paying for American Education.
Education Headlines: Study: School Choice Popular; Academic Results Are Unclear.The Structure of the American Education System.Professional Dilemma.The Financing of Education: Sources of Funds and The Move from Equity to Adequacy.Relevant Research: Reform of School Finance in Michigan.Debate: Has Student Fundraising Gone Too Far?Education Spending.Global Perspectives: International Comparisons in Spending for Schools.IV. HISTORICAL FOUNDATIONS OF EDUCATION. Viewing Education through Historical Lenses.5. The Role of Education in the Developing Nation.
Education Headlines: Why Study History?Providing Education in the New World.Global Perspectives: Educational Transplantation from Europe.Relevant Research: Critiquing Historical Sources.Global Perspectives: European Beginnings of Teacher Training.Debate: Should NEA Affiliates Help Get Rid of Bad Teachers?Education for Special Populations.Global Perspectives: Maria Montessori.Professional Dilemma: Can a Teacher Both Defend and Criticize Past and Present Schools?Bibliography.6. Using Recent History to Improve Student Learning.
Education Headlines: Is History Knowable?More Students and Bigger Schools.Debate: Should Seat Belts Be Mandatory on School Buses?Relevant Research: Student Homework.A Developing Profession.Global Perspectives: Jean Piaget.Professional Dilemma: How Can the Busy Teacher Keep Up with Historical and Contemporary Research?Global Perspectives: Educators' Worldwide Responsibility.V. PHILOSOPHICAL FOUNDATIONS OF EDUCATION. Viewing Education through Philosophical Lenses.7. Educational Theory in American Schools: Philosophy in Action.
Education Headlines: A Wake Up Call.Authoritarian Educational Theories.Debate: Should Today's Education Be Relevant to Tomorrow's Job Market?Nonauthoritarian Educational Theories.Professional Dilemma: Homogeneous or Heterogeneous Ability Grouping?Relevant Research: Developing Authentic Assessments.Global Perspectives: Looking Beyond the Boundaries.8. Building an Educational Philosophy.
Education Headlines: Authors Add Character to Curriculum.Using Philosophy in the Classroom.Debate: Is Environmental Education Scaring Our Kids to Death?Relevant Research: The Three C's of Safe Schools: Cooperation, Conflict Resolution, and Civic.Values.Professional Dilemma: Should You Use Authentic Assessment to Grade Students?Using Philosophy Beyond the Classroom.Global Perspectives: The World as Classroom.VI. STUDENT PROGRAMS, TEACHER PRACTICES, AND STANDARDS-BASED EDUCATION AND ASSESSMENT. Viewing Education through Program Development Lenses.9. Designing Programs for Learners.
Education Headlines: Charter Schools Working Together.Types of Curriculum Design.Students Served by the Curriculum.Purposes of Curriculum.Alternative Curriculum Programs.Debate: Are Charter Schools Eroding Support for Public Schools?Relevant Research: Do Magnet Schools Boost Achievement?Global Perspectives: Schools of Reconciliation in Northern Ireland.Professional Dilemma: â I've Been There, Seen That, Done That Beforeâ .10. Standards-Based Education and Assessment.
Education Headlines: High Stakes Testing: They're Here and They're Not Going Away.Standards-Based Education.Global Perspectives: Australia Is Exploring a New Approach to Education Reform.The Changing Face of Assessment.Relevant Research: A Case Study of Alternative Assessment: Student, Teacher, and Observer Perceptions in a Ninth Grade Biology Classroom.Professional Dilemma: What Is the Proper Way to Prepare for High Stakes, State-Mandated Tests?
Bringing Standards to the Classroom: A True Story.Epilogue: Education in the 21st Century.
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