Growth and Convergence in Metropolitan America

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While the suburbs of most metropolitan areas are wealthier than their urban counterparts, rapid regional growth can improve the welfare of both city and suburb, according to a new book from Janet Rothenberg Pack. In "Growth and Convergence in Metropolitan America," Pack identifies growth trends that have contributed to the convergence of welfare among regions.


Janet Rothenberg Pack is professor of business and public policy and real estate at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.


"It is not very often that an author produces a concise and straightforward text that simplifies the complex nature of urban resource economics- noteably this happens to be one of the those rare occasions... Pack addressed a range of complex regional issues and presented the findings in a user-friendly text. The author's intricate knowledge of the historical events that occurred during the 1960-1990 era both supported and complemented the discussion, shedding light on numerous regional trends that otherwise may not be fully appreciated." --Richard G. Reed, University of Melbourne, Australia, Australasian Journal of Regional Studies, v. 8, no.1, 2002 "Pack argues that individual well-being depends mostly on how the region as a whole performs, and suggests there is relatively litttle that public policies can do about it... The strongest part of Pack's book is her analysis of the sources of regional growth... Pack does an outstanding job of integrating her work with the scholarly literature on regional growth dynamics. Pack's econometric analysis of regional growth produces a number of interesting findings." --Todd Swanstrom, Saint Louis University, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 6/1/2004
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