Organizing for Learning in the Primary Classroom

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The primary classroom is the context in which a wide range of teaching and learning experiences occur - and not just for the children! What is it that underlies classroom organization, routines, rules, structures and daily occurrences? What are the prime objectives and what influences the decisions of teachers and children? What is it useful for teachers to consider when contemplating the issues of classroom management and organization? What do different practices have to offer?

"Organizing for Learning in the Primary Classroom" explores the whole range of influences and values which underpin why teachers do what they do in the classroom context and what these mean to children and others. Janet Moyles draws on several different research findings to examine the evidence in relation to the underlying issues of teachers' beliefs and values. She examines teaching and learning styles, children's independence and autonomy, coping with children's differences , the physical classroom context and resources, time management and ways of involving others in the day to day organization. Practical suggestions are given for considering both the functional and aesthetic aspects of the classroom context. Opportunities are provided for teachers to reflect on their own organization and also consider innovative and flexible ways forward to deal with new and ever increasing demands on their time and sanity!.


Teachers and teaching
the learning environment
the children and their learning needs
grouping for teaching and learning
time for teaching and learning
deploying adult help effectively in the classroom
evaluating classroom organization and management


Janet Moyles is Emeritus Professor of Education at Anglia Ruskin University and an early years/primary specialist and consultant, particularly in the areas of play, learning and practitioner research. Her books include Just Playing?, The Excellence of Play, Interactive Teaching in the Primary School; Images of Violence and Effective Leadership and Management in the Early Years.
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