What's a Girl to Do?

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Januar 2004



Folger offers an honest, encouraging, and hilarious chat with a woman who knows single people's struggles. Her witty insights will clear readers' minds of the lies that destroy their happiness and freedom as single women--all the sooner to find what God has for them to do right now.


Janet L. Folger is the president of Faith2Action, which works together with the most effective organizations in America to win the cultural war for faith and family. She also served as the national director of the Center for Reclaiming America, founded by Dr. D. James Kennedy, where she launched an online effort that resulted in one of the largest pro-family grassroots armies in the nation--more than five hundred thousand strong. One of her previous books, True to Life, describes her experiences as a pro-life advocate who successfully lobbied for the passage of the nation's first partial-birth
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