A Complaint Is a Gift: Recovering Customer Loyalty When Things Go Wrong

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August 2008



The first edition of A Complaint is a Gift introduced the revolutionary notion that customer complaints are not annoyances to be dodged, denied or buried, but are instead valuable pieces of feedback that can be used to improve an organization's products and services. This new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated. There are two brand new chapters on the Internet, a new section entitled Handling Complaints Directed at You and another new section that turns the tables and discusses how the reader can complain effectively. More relevant than ever in today's constantly connected world, when customers can complain instantly, 24/7, and broadcast their dissatisfaction around the world if they choose to, throughout the text has been heavily revised, with a wealth of new examples, tools and strategies.


Part I: Complaints Lifeline to the Customer
1. Complaint-As-Gift Philosophy
2. The Biggest Bargain in Market Research
3. Why Most Complaints Do Not Complain
4. What Complaining Customers Say, Do, and Want
5. How to Learn from Your Customer Complaints
6. From a Whisper to a Global ShoutPart II: Putting the Complaint-as-Gift Philosophy into Practice
7.The Gift Formula
8. When Customers Go Ballistic
9.Creating Good Will by Increasing the Customer's Tolerance Zone
10.Saying No and Still Retaining the Good Will with Your Customer
11.Responding to Written Complaints
12.You're Not Defenseless: Using the Web To Your Advantage
13.Creating a Complaint Friendly OrganizationPart III: Handling Complaints Directed at You
14. How Do I Handle Criticism? Building Your Defenses Against Complaints
15. Learning to take Every Ounce of Learning from ComplaintsPart IV: Making Your Own Voice Heard: When You Complain
16. Complain As If You Were Receiving the Complaint
17. How To Get Your Complaint Heard by Someone Who Will do Something About It
18. Complaining Within Your Organization and Friends and Family


Janelle Barlow is president and owner of TMI US. Her clients include Hewlett-Packard, Chevron, Exxon, Genentech, Avon Cosmetics, Kaiser Permanente Hospitals, and many others. She also sits on the board of the National Speaker's Association
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