Parenting Children with Learning Disabilities

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April 2001



Offers a guide for parents of children with learning disabilities who struggle with helping their children learn.


"This is a book for parents. It is a book about the child with learning problems. It is, importantly, a book about balance in an arena fraught with anguish, anger, and accusation. It is about the balance between recognizing a real problem, but appreciating the whole child; between watching, but also listening; between using your own educated common sense, but also seeking specialist assistance; between promoting academic success, but also fostering emotional well-being; between helping, but also not helping so your child enjoys mastery and learns independence. The authors encourage self-advocacy but make it clear how good professionals can help. They address abstract topics but make them vividly and often poignantly alive in all too real examples. This is an intensely real, wonderfully balanced book full of empathy, wisdom and downright practical help. I recommend it highly to parents and to the professionals whose assistance they seek."-Jane Holmes Bernstein Director, Neuropsychology Program, Department of Psychiatry Children's Hospital, Boston/Harvard Medical School
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