Thatcher's Children?: Politics, Childhood and Society in the 1980s and 1990s

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Juli 1996



That childhood is a social construction is understood both by social scientists and in society generally. The authors of this book examine the political issues surrounding childhood, including law making, social policy, government provisions and political activism.; This text examines current social and political issues involving childhood. It looks at the impact of the "New Right" who talk of family values, parent power in schools, irresponsible provision of contraception to young girls and the increase in child violence as a result of mass media. It also considers the response of the caring professions and the "Modern Left" who campaign, amongst other things, for the establishment of children's rights.


Thatcher's children? - the study of politics of childhood in the neo-liberal era; testing, testing - politics, childhood and British education 1979- 1995; the politics of the Children's Act; happy families - the politics of child abuse; young thugs go for it - the politics of the young offender; Gillick and after - children and sex; the children's rights movement; child poverty; tabloid constructions of childhood - the case of James Bulger's murder; childhood, media and popular culture; childhood, labour and slavery; children and the sex industry in the Far East.
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