Time to Weave: Simply Elegant Projects to Make in Almost No Time

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September 2006



Highly textured objects such as plaited paper baskets, woven lanterns, small hearth rugs, and cork tables are featured in this beginner's guide to nonloom weaving. The easy instructions teach ancient techniques such as braiding, stringing, and knotting--and call for everyday materials such as copper tape, plastic sheeting, paper yarn, and granite tiles--to produce stunning contemporary designs for the home. A short essay about natural materials and the creative process introduces each project, and lovely photographs showcase the final results: sleek window hangings, stick-and-string coasters, pillows covered in canvas tape, and woven paper cards. A list of resources, an assortment of weaving tips, and suggestions for further reading are included.


Jane Patrick grew up on the broad plains of south central Nebraska where, from an early age, she earned the moniker of "the family putzer" because she was always making things. It wasn't until she walked into the weaving studio at Longumyri home economics school as an exchange student in Iceland that she knew that weaving was something she must do. Since then weaving has been both her livelihood and her hobby. Jane is the former editor of Handwoven magazine and is currently vice president of sales and service for Schacht Spindle Company Inc. She has taught weaving classes and workshops, given lectures on weaving, and juried textile art shows. Jane lives in Boulder, Colorado.


The first projects in this book are for weaving with materials other than yarn, this introduces the reader to the principles of weaving whilst making useful and attractive items to use around the home: greetings cards, place mats, a paper basket. Later come small tapestry projects that you could make with handspun yarns on a simple frame loom that could easily be made or cheaply purchased. The projects are, as the title says, simple and elegant and if you worked through some of them you would understand basic weave structures and have some lovely finished items.-Yarnmaker
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