Early Impressionism and the French State (1866-1874)

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Februar 2000



Roos explores the reception of modernist painting preceding the Impressionist exhibition of 1874.


1. The politics of the Reglement; 2. Women at the Salon; 3. The politics of the Salon; 4. The cat's meow; 5. The stag at bay; 6. Paris interlude; 7. The black cat returns; 8. On the brink of success; 9. The cummune, the column, and the toppling of Courbet; 10. Regression in the wake of war; 11. The onset of the 'moral order'; 12. The politics of the Societe Anonyme.


'Roos should be commended for clear writing and her belief in the importance of historical context ...'. Choice '... the author cleverly succeeds in showing the birth of Impressionism in a different light ...' The Art Newspaper 'Cogently argued and crisply written ...'. The Burlington Magazine
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