Grandma's Front Porch

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September 2010



In the small southern town of Riversedge are people from different walks of life. None are rich or famous, perhaps rather ordinary, with the exception of Grandma who lives on Turner Street. The old woman is referred to as Grandma only because no one knows her name, not even the postman. She seemingly receives no mail, visitors or even the requirements to live, and it appears she needs nothing. She has no desire to talk to anyone and most people don't bother to talk to her. So why did she choose to live the life of a recluse? What is her secret?When Sally and Tom Lester move to Riversedge the mystery of Turner Street becomes more apparent. Sally struggles to befriend Grandma. This involves Grandma's front porch and her neighbors which causes suspense to increase. Slowly, as the mystery unravels we learn the unthinkable not only about Grandma but also her neighborhood and some of the residents.

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