Identity in Adolescence

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Fully updated to include the most recent research and theoretical developments in the field, the third edition of "Identity in Adolescence" examines the two-way interaction of individual and social context in the process of identity formation.


1. Towards a Definition of Identity: Sociocultural and Developmental Views. 2. Adolescence as Identity Synthesis: Erikson's Psychosocial Approach. 3. Adolescence as a Second Individuation Process: An Object Relations View. 4. Identity through a Cognitive-Developmental Lens: Kohlberg's Contributions. 5. Ego Development in Adolescence: Loevinger's Paradigm. 6. Identity as Meaning-making: The Constructive-Developmental Approach of Kegan and Noam. 7. Towards Integration and Conclusions: They Tell Their Stories.


'Jane Kroger has written a clear and timely book which brings difficult but crucially important concepts back in to the arena of mainstream psychology in a very readable form ... a valuable source of knowledge about current theories and research findings.' - New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies The author writes in a manner that is both scholarly and engaging. She is truly an expert in the topic of adolescent identity, and her depth of knowledge shines through. I love this book! - Susan Moore, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
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