Sage Instant Accounts For Dummies

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April 2014



Get to grips with Sage Instant Accounts in simple steps.
This comprehensive guide walks you through every aspect of setting up and using Sage Instant Accounts, from downloading and installing the software to customizing it to your needs. Packed with handy step-by-step instructions (and fully illustrated with screenshots), this book is the easiest way to get the most from Sage Instant Accounts and take control of your business finances.
Learn to:
* Keep track of money in and out and easily view your cash position
* Produce reports on your business performance and profitability
* Store customer information and easily generate quotes, invoices and remittances
* Record and accurately manage your VAT - and submit your VAT return to HMRC online
* Prepare for business audits and your financial year-end


Introduction 1
Part I: Getting Started with Sage Instant Accounts 5
Chapter 1: Introducing Sage Instant Accounts 7
Chapter 2: Creating Your Chart of Accounts and Assigning Nominal Codes 35
Chapter 3: Setting Up Records 55
Chapter 4: Recording Your Opening Balances 75
Part II: Looking into Day-to-Day Functions 93
Chapter 5: Processing Your Customer Paper work 95
Chapter 6: Invoicing Your Customers 107
Chapter 7: Dealing with Paperwork from Your Suppliers 117
Chapter 8: Recording Your Bank Entries 127
Chapter 9: Maintaining and Correcting Entries 143
Chapter 10: Keeping Track of Your Products 153
Part III: Running Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Routines 163
Chapter 11: Reconciling Your Bank Accounts 165
Chapter 12: Running Your Monthly and Yearly Routines 177
Chapter 13: Running Your VAT Return 191
Part IV: Using Reports 205
Chapter 14: Running Monthly Reports 207
Chapter 15: Tackling the Complicated Stuff 221
Chapter 16: Running Key Reports 235
Part V: The Part of Tens 251
Chapter 17: Ten (Okay, Eleven) Funky Functions 253
Chapter 18: (Not Quite) Ten Wizards to Conjure 257
Appendix: Glossary 263
Index 267


Jane Kelly is a Chartered Management Accountant and Sage trainer. She runs a training company offering support for businesses using Sage accounting packages and is the author of Sage 50 Accounts For Dummies and Bookkeeping For Dummies, UK edition.
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